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Free energy from the vacuum of space-(2006) (The harms battery and the discovery of the veritable dynamic power of the universe—a must read!!–The author’s most significant idea to date!!) What is the harms propulsion system? How does it work? Does it also lead to free energy? (update february 2007)

Superstrings-(2006) (away from the fringe and toward the center)—-superstrings and matter waves—can the two be unified? –a gravity and inertia proposal for superstrings!

Time-lapsed reality-(2000) (published september, 2003) –visual metabolic rate and quantum time and space—my theory of time

Gravitation -(1998) (published july, 2000) (updated may, 2003)–the cosmic long-wavelength photon model (a quantum gravity model)—note new unifying newtonian “wave” gravitational constant (“g”) equation

Gravity and inertia -(2006) (new and updated “wave” version february, 2006) how are gravity and inertia related? can they somehow be opposites? A new slant on previous ideas. enjoy!

Cosmic chemistry-(1999)–planetary expansion via neutrino oscillations—( the earth is expanding and we now know why??!! yes, finally we do!!—–It’s now verified in february 2006! ) read on here!!

Planetary sciences -(1998)–an observation-based planetary expansion model—neutrinos provide the mechanism for this one, too!

Solar system, galaxy and universe evolution -(2000)–the big picture; present-day inflation continued ( the neutrino model also adds weight to this one! ) this revolutionizes solar system evolution via new planetary observations. science of the future given here! read on the brain as a matter-wave system -(2001)(new updated version; august, 2004) –resonance, dampening, brain-states, consciousness. can nature and the supernatural be unified? is there evidence for a macro-quantum mechanical system–the brain! —one of my personal favorites!

The general theory and quantum space -(2001)–compressed space and the unification of gravity with electromagnetism –look closely at this one, it may surprise you!

Neutrinos as photon holes -(2006)– are photon holes neutrinos and vice versa? gravity and planetary expansion consequences—perhaps, a new breakthrough here!! and, photon holes as matter–added march, 2006

Matter as photon holes -(2001)– simple gravity, an extended standard model; an alternative to supersymmetry and superstrings–is david bohm’s universe realized?—The earth as a matter wave system—(added march, 2005)——march, 2006—neutrinos are both matter and photon holes–wow!!

Are there three time dimensions? -(2006)–the theory of perfectly symmetrical space and time—does oscillatory motion lie in the sixth dimension? What are the three time dimensions? is this model a time and motion unification?

Dimensions part # 2 -(2007)–is space holographic? can it be unified with time?

Stealthy aircraft -(2006)–does an amplified positron ring create anti-microwaves which might cancel out incoming radar waves? can a helicopter be made to be stealthy?

Matter & radiation unification -(2001)–the two-slit experiment, feynman’s sum-over-histories & quantum probabilities explained—are photons “real” before being observed?–(update 2004)

Why sex? -(2001)–viral dna infections drive a mutated evolutionary change—how sexual reproduction arose; sexual drives and the immediate rise of new species in the fossil record

Darwinian evolution alternative -(2000)–human evolution via intentional sexual selection–do women select men for breeding?

The senses as wavelike systems -(2001)–a description of vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch as stimulated by the frequency differences in matter waves–heat and cold sensations distinguished –and much more

Reality as waves -(2001)–immanuel kant’s and david bohm’s worldview, particles and waves; a new application for planck’s e = hf equation and more

Wave biology -(2003)–the wave picture of plant growth—de broglie matter and light wave interactions within the plant kingdom—wave photosynthesis, phototropism and plant death—new mass fabrication and mandelbrot growth patterns—does this biological model support the author’s radiation picture of gravity?

What is lightening? -(2006) (what is the harms principle?) (is there a relationship between vacuum energy and air pressure?) what might that be?

Quantum space -(2000)–photon holes, the quantum space foam and the stretching of space; what is dark matter and dark energy? david bohm, quantum mechanical weirdness and the size of space—does the newtonian universe still live!!! —-(update 2004)

Frequency and the higg’s fields -(2001)– a symmetrical analysis of particle mass, speed, frequency and time-direction–a graphical image provided

The significance of units -(2002)– an analysis of the units of gravitational as well as uniformly moving frames–inertia and the quantizing of space discussed

Wave psychiatry -(2002)–mental disorders as an interaction of the wave-brain with environmental waves of radiation

Photon emission -(1998)–a physical mechanism via quantum vacuum interactions? —two varieties of photons in the electromagnetic wave—do photons exist before measurement?–(update 2004)

Interesting symmetries -(2000)–the relationship of seemingly unrelated concepts; the foundation of many of the author’s symmetrically-based insights!

Black holes -(2000)–quantum gravity and bold new conclusions

What are sunspots? -(2007)–the relationship between gravity, mass growth and sunspots–is gravity as negative radiation pressure finally realized?

Color -(1999)–the wave theory of matter and particle spin polarization

My darkness and blackness research -(1999)–a sixteen year history

Darkness and blackness -(1999)–the long-wavelength accompaniment model

Darkness /blackness -(1999)–the infrared wavelength hypothesis –(now classified!!!)—(more evidence 2005)

Darkness & blackness -(2001)– the photon hole as darkness hypothesis–unifying matter, gravity & darkness

The space portal -(2001)–a device for quick travel around the cosmos?

General and special relativity unification -(1999)–inertia, negative radiation pressure and much more

Frame of reference -(2000)–mach’s principle, gravity and inertia

Linear motion -(2001)– it’s definition via space “domes” and space “tubes”

Ocean waves -(2006)–observations of waves on a beach–seawater circulation and wave breaking

Electricity as matter wave frequency changes -(2001)–are electrons the quanta of frequency?– conceptual and mathematical musings about wave electricity–new matter to energy conversion rules–e = mv^2; the kinetic energy with quantum world connection? does this picture suggest wavelike matter? does 1 / 2 mv^2 suggest antimatter?

Electricity and magnetism -(1999)–fields, matter waves and particle spin

Magnetism as wavelength -(2002)–a deeper look into the w x f = s equation; de broglie and planck’s work demonstrates that the frequency squared may equal matter, a key distinction between matter and light waves–and more

Positrons and space-time tubes -(2007)–a key connection between electromagnetism and gravity

Does radiation cancel matter? -(1999)–particle decay processes & radiation/matter parity

Flames and entropy-(2000)–radiation and matter arising from the fifth dimension; entropy as local space-time flatness –order as wave amplitude. is entropy increasing at an accelerated rate?

Antimatter and photons -(2001)–why antimatter is rare in the universe; is antimatter composed of massive photons? does antimatter have antigravity? does kinetic energy provide evidence for antimatter?

Atomic physics -(2002)– radioactive decay, fission, fusion and wave phase; pressure as method of phase control; a cold fusion proposal

Mass as pressure -(2001)– newtonian gravity, the pressure within mass and vacuum radiation pressure

The new aether -(2007)– dr. nakolai kozyrev’s view of the physical universe

The gravity mechanism -(2000)– planetary expansion via quantum gravitational energy

Present-day inflation -(2000)–the open universe; wormholes, new matter fabrication and the ongoing false-vacuum state

The harms flash freezer -(2006)–how does it work? what might be the applications? do positrons produce the desired out-of-phase microwave effect?

The oscillating universe -(2000)–the closed universe and quantum space; does a fluctuating cosmological term govern the future of the universe?

The mirror universe -(2001)–does a tag-along universe accompany our own? energy conservation and wave systems; the unfolding big bang model–time travel and unlimited energy

The brane model of the early cosmos -(2002)–do mirror image opposites and their eventual recombination give rise to the resonant big bang? is matter an irregularity of the time direction? the intimate relationship of distance (space) and time

The push-pull gravity model -(2001)– simple gravity–two types of gravitons; unification of gravity with electromagnetism and more

Gravity, radiation pressure and the strong force -(2002)– a unification proposal via the oscillon phenomenon; what are pulsars? indeed, what are oscillons???

Time, entropy and symmetry -(2002)– a simple way to accelerate the universe; galaxy bubbles, entropy, matter and how galaxies might evolve; gazing into the future!

What are quasars and supernovae? -(2002)– gravastars, gravagalaxies and bose-einstein condensates; visual resonance’s and astronomical observations

The texas interpretation of quantum mechanics -(2005)– does a backward-in-time universe exist behind our own? do photons travel through faster than light tubes through empty space? does our universe end when the backward-in-time one reaches its beginning?

The holographic universe -(2005)– is the universe a two dimensional hologram–does gravity exist in the third dimension? what else might lie beyond the other side of reality? is 3d heaven?

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